11- Experience through the “Soins Infirmiers et Développement Communautaire” – SIDC

Experiences of: Mrs Nadia Badran

Last update: 24 April 2024


Reference of Social Work In The Face of Crises and Disasters Booklets – Part Two

Researcher – Hiam Samaha KahiResearch Assistant – Aimee Ghanem

The SIDC, which was founded in 1987, played a significant role in Sin El Fil – Nabaa region during the Lebanese war in terms of organizing life in shelters and in the region as a whole, providing and organizing relief services, in addition to networking operations among NGOs, institutes and local communities which already existed. A number of social workers living there made an active contribution and cooperated closely with this aforementioned NGO.

Additionally, the social workers at SIDC contributed to launching the School Health Club project in public schools located in the Sin El Fil –Nabaa region, which included health education topics. Later on, a group of young people emerged from this club, adhered to SIDC and engaged in its activities. They followed intensive training and later worked as volunteers there.

Several programmes have been sequentially launched in the SIDC, affecting marginalized groups of drug users, LGBT and people living with HIV. Mrs. Nadia Badran, has played a prominent role in direct assistance to those people and their families, defending them and resorting to their rights. Subsequently, methodologies, methods of action, prevention, and awareness were varied, for instance: “street intervention”, “peer training”, and “mobile units”.