18- Experience through Multiple centres to shelter the displaced in Ouzai, and the southern suburb of Beirut

Experiences of: Mrs Wafae Soueid kanaan

Last update: 24 April 2024


Reference of Social Work In The Face of Crises and Disasters Booklets – Part Two

Researcher – Hiam Samaha Kahi
Research Assistant – Aimee Ghanem

During the war years, the prevailing security situation did not prevent social workers from fulfilling their obligations despite the risks they were exposed to.

We mention here the active presence of Mrs. Wafa Soueid Kanaan, who supported the displaced families that had been affected by war through various centres and different associations and institutions, such as: the Lebanese Child Association in Haret Hreik, the Lebanese Relief Organization, the camps of displaced people in Ouzai, as well as in what was called then, the “beaches area”, and other areas that welcomed displaced people. Mrs. Kanaan contributed to several relief works; she was not frightened by the shelling, blocked roads, and other war dangers.

Mrs. Kanaan said: “Speaking transparently, negotiation, mediation and persuasion are the traits that the social worker must have in order to give people their rights. She believed in the importance of the government work, as she said, “The work of NGOs is very important and effective in emergency and disaster situations; however, this is not sufficient, as it requires institutionalization and organization…”.

“Individual initiatives are important, yet, they lack vision, inclusiveness and sustainability.”