6- Experience through the “Social Development Centre” – SDC Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) – Borj El-Barajneh

Experiences of: Mrs Nadia Tawtal

Last update: 15 May 2024


Reference of Social Work In The Face of Crises and Disasters Booklets – Part Two

Researcher – Hiam Samaha Kahi
Research Assistant – Aimee Ghanem

The “Social Development Centre” in Borj El- Barajneh”, founded in 1971, played a prominent and exemplary role during the war in terms of diversity and number of programmes, and its direct interaction with its immediate environment, in addition to the activation of all the existing human and institutional resources. The social worker at the head of the center, Mrs. Nadia Tawtel, played a pioneering and leading role. This centre was considered for many years a model for many social workers, as well as trainees from various universities and institutes, in terms of engaging with its neighborhood, interacting with its residents, developing all its resources and activating them.
A number of social workers worked in this centre with the same enthusiasm and devotion. The social worker’s name who founded and directed it remained connected to it for many years. She held a special place in the Borj El-Barajneh, that has never been disturbed by sectarian or regional affiliation.